It’s All About Me… and the cats

Things to say about me:

Newly married

Current barista, future grocer

Pretty cheap (not thrifty… cheap haha)

and of course, cat ladyImage

This is Pintsize. I tell him every day, “It’s a good thing you’re pretty, because you’re as dumb as a rock!” ImageAnd this is my little girl Bella. She’s the epitome of a lady cat- always delicate and a little bit prissy. We’re all just living under her roof.

Beginning a blog feels a little bit like sending a first message out on eHarmony- awkward and a little bit needy, like, “Here I am, we’re a match LET’S GET MARRIED.”

True story, you can actually send that message out to other people in Dallas and some people will take you up on it. Be careful on eHarmony, y’all, or you’ll end up in holy matrimony! Maybe you want that. I don’t know.

*cue awkward first message sign off*


About Vaingloriouspoopweasel

Reader. Gossip monger. Coffee and diet coke addict. Current cat addict. Slave of the service industry. Wife. Friend. Flirt. Girl. Control freak. Lover of shiny things. Hater of other people driving. You know, your typical American girl next door. If you like my blog, I love to have you around! Even if you don't, you're welcome to stay. I tend to update on Wednesdays or Thursdays, with an extra post thrown in for good measure when the mood hits.
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2 Responses to It’s All About Me… and the cats

  1. marisa1611 says:

    Haha now we can be awkward bloggers TOGETHER 🙂

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