Breaking the Diet Coke Addiction

Here I created this monster and then completely let it fall by the wayside for a week. I’m sorry, Monster! Don’t eat me!

Really, it’s just been an eventful week. I got hired on for a new job (yay!) and so I’ve been doing orientation and signing paperwork and fun things like that. It’s been pretty preoccupying, but I’m looking forward to working in a new atmosphere.

The other thing that’s been occupying my time has been changing my life! I’ve been trying to improve my life one habit at a time, and since it takes supposedly 21 days to implement new habits, I’ve been trying to pick good habits to start off with.

The first habit I started off with was quitting my Diet Coke habit, and let me tell you, that was a difficult one. For anyone around me that first week, they will tell you I was a whiny, whiny human being. I made sure my displeasure was known far and wide. I was missing this sweet, sweet nectar:


But I did it! I successfully weaned myself off of my daily Diet Coke. Frankly, I really haven’t noticed that much of a difference (even in my pocketbook), but I think it’s best for me in the long run. I’ll still have one every once in a while (everything in moderation!) but once a week is a huge difference from once a day.

Which leads us to this week’s resolution- cooking more! I can be really bad about panicking at dinner time- the Bearded One works a lot of nights, so I’ll either forage desperately in the kitchen or go hit up a drive through. That can end up being really expensive, so this week what I did was plan my dinners in advance and got all I needed from the store at once. It was really convenient! The Bearded One was also home most of those nights which made me feel really accomplished. Here’s a picture of our lunch today:


Tuna Melts- hurray Pinterest!

Hopefully this will lead me, step by step, to being an overall healthier person. Baby steps!

I leave you with the snuggly cat picture of the week:




About Vaingloriouspoopweasel

Reader. Gossip monger. Coffee and diet coke addict. Current cat addict. Slave of the service industry. Wife. Friend. Flirt. Girl. Control freak. Lover of shiny things. Hater of other people driving. You know, your typical American girl next door. If you like my blog, I love to have you around! Even if you don't, you're welcome to stay. I tend to update on Wednesdays or Thursdays, with an extra post thrown in for good measure when the mood hits.
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3 Responses to Breaking the Diet Coke Addiction

  1. helllibob says:

    I have given up diet coke also….. goodluck! I hope your progress continues.

  2. marisa1611 says:

    You are one of the 11 blogs that I’ve chosen to take the “Liebster Award”. Check it out for more details.

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