Pinterest Experiment #1

So I’m pretty much a Pinterest fanatic. I’ve found a zillion (that’s an exact number) recipes on there that I either have tried or want to try, I used it extensively in planning my wedding, and I use it to focus my clothing choices and cleaning methods. It’s an extremely useful tool and I love it.

However, I’ve found that not everything works out as planned when I follow a pin’s recipe or advice on Pinterest, so why not give a review of the pins I try out? Today we’re going to recreate one of the pins I found the scariest: the Spinach Smoothie. Green smoothies have been all over my Pinterest homepage, and I have to admit, I’ve been very ambivalent about trying them, even though I love spinach and have been wanting to add more of the awesome nutrients it provides to my diet- particularly iron for my anemia, magnesium for my headaches, and folic acid for overall well being. But this morning I decided I was going to bite the bullet and try it out!

So this is the pin I used as a guideline:

I like it because it breaks down everything into components: here’s what you can use as a base, here’s the filler, et cetera. Here’s all my components before I added them:


It’s not like I shop at Whole Foods a lot, or anything

I started off with frozen bananas. It’s easiest to slice up the bananas before you freeze them, and definitely don’t freeze them still in their skin because that’s just bad news bears. Not that, uh, I learned that the hard way or anything. Nope.


My oh so attractive frozen bananas

Next I add the base. Normally I use milk, but I remembered to buy orange juice last night and didn’t remember to buy milk, so today it was a cupful of OJ. I have a sneaking suspicion that the freshly squeezed orange juice was healthier than milk anyway.


Following that, I put in two separate thickeners. I used about a tablespoon of almond butter:

almond butter

and then I added my personal favorite part of the smoothie: Frozen Greek yogurt. Now, I don’t know if you have ever tried this, and although I can’t profess completely jumping on the Greek yogurt bandwagon (I don’t eat a lot of yogurt in the first place), but this stuff is the (If you’re wondering if I’m this dorky in real life, the answer is yes.) I love this frozen Greek yogurt. First off, it’s 100 calories per serving, and second off: it’s fricken’ good! To me, it tastes just like vanilla bean ice cream. Now, I don’t suggest using it if you’re trying to make a root beer float (I’ve been down that road, and it ain’t pretty), but for milkshakes and smoothies it is totally awesome. I used about a cup of it for my smoothie, which I think is less than their serving size.


If you look up in the dictionary, they just have a picture of this.

For the sweetener, I just added the tiniest bit of vanilla. I forgot to take a picture and I’m too lazy to go dig it out now. Just trust me on this. Not even half a tiny capful.

And now for the biggie: the spinach.


dun dun dun

I just bought a handful of the loose baby spinach because I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to use. The sign said it was $10 for a lb of spinach, which came out to…. 10 cents for the amount I bought. Score! I used about half of what is shown here. Not too shabby.

And now for the finished project:


Kindly note my ADORABLE owl cookie jar

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars WOULD EAT AGAIN

It was awesome! I couldn’t even taste the spinach. It did come out a slightly green color, but since I was that kid who pestered her mom for the green ketchup because I knew it freaked her out, that didn’t bother me. Now, I didn’t add the power boost part of the smoothie, because protein powder is dang expensive, but I fully intend to try making my own, so that will be another blog post at a later point. I believe we call this Pinterest Experiment #1: Success!

If you would like the direct link to the guideline from today, courtesy Super Skinny Me:

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