Life As We Know It and My Civic Duty

It’s been one of those weeks that’s been a little unusually rough for no one reason. Or even necessarily a definable reason. Mostly little stuff all adding up to make everything feel off. I haven’t gotten enough sleep, The Bearded One and I have been grumpy at each other for various, possibly irrational reasons (although I find him stealing the OJ I use for my smoothies a perfectly legitimate reason to get angry), migraines, and last but not least, jury duty on my day off. Oh joy.

So, jury duty. Oh the joys. I got the summons and was informed to be at the Frank Crowley Courthouse at 8:30 am sharp to do my duty as an American citizen or else. They also sent me a validation tab for parking and a DART pass so I would have no excuse as far as transportation. Now, I do have an automobile that I rely on to get me to and from work, but the idea of driving downtown during rush hour fills me with a kind of eldritch horror that I like to avoid at all costs, so the DART it was. I don’t take the DART very often, so it’s actually kind of fun when I do… until I mess up. I got to the station late (If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I’m constantly running late. I blame makeup.), and then realized I was at the wrong station, so I hopped on the train that would take me to the right train, switched trains and then belatedly realized, staring at the map on the train wall that I hadn’t needed to switch trains at all, then finally got to my train stop and ended up having to walk half a mile passing under the highway to get to the courthouse that is apparently not in downtown after all.

The fateful DART pass.

The fateful DART pass.

Of course with my scatterbrained train experience, I got to the courthouse fifteen minutes late, debating several times on the way whether or not it was even worth it to show up at that point and faintly hoping that I’d get there and they’d scold me and send me packing. Alas, my hopes were dashed as I arrived and realized I’d missed nothing except the ability to find a good seat. Thankfully I’d filled out the little questionnaire online beforehand, so all I had to do was go through security and sit down. Embarrassing fact: I took off my belt going through security and tried to wait til I got to the jury room to put it back on, except the jury room was filled with probably 500 people and I found a seat next to an older gentleman and felt too awkward to put it back on so I just sat, belt in hand, for my entire jury experience.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I had a book and my phone to keep me occupied, unsuccessfully tried to lure my husband to come meet me for lunch and watched as the numbers called got higher and higher. Finally, after about 3 hours of noneventfulness, the court wrangler called the last people up for the day and dismissed the rest of us! I triumphantly returned my belt to its rightful place on my waist and emerged from the courthouse, head held high.

Anyway, it all added up to me not being very fun to be around this week. On the bright side, today turned around and was pretty nice, it was beautiful outside and I had coffee and got off work early and I’m excited about tomorrow’s lunch (mmmm chicken tacos) and some other fun things I have planned. And now that I have a little more familiarity with the DART, I plan on using it for some fun day dates with The Bearded One. Posts to follow muahahaha

Here’s an adorable cat picture to reward you for finishing this rather boring post:

free me!

free me!


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