Mommy Blogs, Weird Obsessions and the Story Ending

I started reading mommy blogs in high school. I couldn’t tell you how I found that first one, or why or even what it was, but I remember being 17 and just being completely fascinated by this woman not much older than me, a former vegan in New York who had already terminated one or two pregnancies and then decided that this would be the baby she would keep. Her life and beliefs were drastically different from my own and I was hooked.

I lost track of that blog before the baby was born, but there have been multiple others since then, some of which I’ve followed for years through huge life changes of both theirs and mine. One where a woman only had one son when I started reading and then went on to have three more daughters, and some days I think, have I really been reading that long? Another who blogged about her family and job and political views, all fairly light reading until her son died of an overdose. I’ll start reading a new one sometimes, or drop an older one when I just can’t connect with the author anymore, but I have now been reading mommy blogs off and on for about a decade.

My closer friends know about this quirky habit of mine and just go, Oh, that’s just Lex, she’s always doing something weird. And they have their own little quirks, like miniatures or fake babies or bee collections and so on.

I think in the beginning, it was because these people had a life that seemed so unattainable to me. Having someone who would want to create a baby with me seemed unattainable in my limited high school experience, and almost more unattainable in my less than stable early 20s. Kids and a family of my own are something that I desperately desired in my younger years, and although on occasion my desire for children wanes as I grow more and more attached to my sleeping schedule, I’ve pretty much always known that I would want and have them someday.

But I don’t think that’s the whole why and wherefore, either. I’ve always had an overwhelming desire to know how the story ends. As a child, I was never without a book- you’d much sooner see me naked. I have a guilty pleasures addiction to sequels, I know everyone complains about them but, come on, I can’t be the only one keeping them in business, right? I not only want to know how the adventure goes but what comes after, the getting the kingdom in order and who came to the wedding and who said what and who wore what and just keep going please because I’ll keep reading. Not only do I have a small set of bookshelves in my room, but a book closet, a garage long ceiling high set of bookshelves at my parents’ and various books scattered over the house including several hiding out in the bathroom cupboard. All this to say, I think a blog is like a book that doesn’t end. And I think that’s why they draw so many people in- everyone loves the myth. From the beginning of time, we all love the myth.

Next week: Pinterest Experiment #2 and curtains! I just got the cloth in today, and I love it.

sneak preview

sneak preview


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2 Responses to Mommy Blogs, Weird Obsessions and the Story Ending

  1. Mari-Mac says:

    Cool 🙂 I have never once thought about looking at these blogs from the point of view as “this is how the story ends”, and I like the idea. You should review a few of the ones you are reading right now, too, especially any that turn out other than you’d think.

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