Sugar and Spice, But Not Everything Nice

This has been one of those weeks with some crazy ups and downs. It’s certainly a memorable one. As a general rule, I’m a person who likes to hear the bad news first and get it over with, but this isn’t how this post goes.

So we’ll start with the good news- I became an aunt this week! One of my younger sisters had a beautiful baby girl, the first grandchild/niece in my exceptionally large family, and while I am not biased in the slightest, I think it’s quite possible she’s the prettiest baby in the history of babies so far. This is an objective opinion.

Unfortunately, mi hermana lives about a 5 hour drive from me, and I was scheduled to work all week, so I had to put off driving to see her and the baby and my wonderful brother-in-law until the weekend, when I was lucky enough to have two days off in a row scheduled. Finally this morning I was all set to go get my oil changed and drive out to the middle of Nowheresville, when at the lube station I heard those fateful words, “Something is wrong with your car.”

To condense a long and boring explanation that I don’t 100% understand, it’s looking like the best thing right now for us to do is fix up my car the best we can and sell it or trade it in for something cheaper to maintain. I love my little sports car, but I’ve also dropped a lot of money into that black hole over the years and it just isn’t worth it anymore and isn’t large enough for the day that we will want a family.

Anyways, it was not an easy realization to come to. I pretty much sobbed uncontrollably for an hour. Add in my disappointment over not getting to meet my niece yet and the stress of the inevitable financial storm about to rain down on us just when I thought maybe we could get our feet on the ground, and I was a hot mess. Thankfully, the Bearded One was a complete rock star. He calmed me down, gave me a back rub to make me feel better, took me to the park for lunch and let me climb a tree, and cheered me up better than anyone else ever could.

So the ups have been high this week and the lows have been pretty low. I know it will all work out in the end, but I hate dealing with all the stress in the meantime. I’m still unbelievably excited about the wonderful new life my sister brought into the world, and all I can do about the rest is:

I have to admit, I feel a lot more like Nemo’s dad in this.


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