I Threw A Baby Shower!

Growing up, my mom loved to throw a good party. She was a big people person- always interested in what you had to say and always making friends. So when I came along, she didn’t always know what to do with her little bookworm, introverted daughter.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more social and on occasion I like to throw a good party myself, especially for a friend’s special occasion. And since I’ve hit the age where it seems like all of my friends are getting married and having babies, I’ve gotten more opportunities than ever to throw some parties. This time, one of my bridesmaids, MacKenzie, and her husband Andrew are having a little baby girl, so I offered to throw her baby shower for her.

A little about MacKenzie- she and Andrew are very off beat, march to your own drum people, and they are trying to make their nursery as brightly colored and gender neutral as possible, so I did my best to reflect that when decorating, especially since it was a coed shower and I wanted to make everyone feel as relaxed as possible. I hit up Michaels for all the supplies (I love the app, I get so many deals on my phone, which I’d never look for otherwise), and there I got hit by the crafting stick. The things the clearance aisle alone does to me… It’s a problem.

But I walked out with lots of goodies and I think it all turned out really great! I made a bunch of big pom poms to cover my chandelier:


Note: a couple of these were left over from my own wedding shower and from there all I had to do was make a few more in other colors! Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on this.

I also put up a little banner with the baby’s name on my mantelpiece and I was really pleased with how well it turned out!


As for treats, some guests brought some, (one person brought some vegan cupcakes that were phenomenal, and I am… nowhere close to vegan is probably an understatement), and I thought it would be fun to have food that was easily tailored to people’s tastes, so I got stuff for pizza bagels! And strawberry shortcake. Strawberry shortcake is to everyone’s taste.


More things I couldn’t resist spending all my money on at Michael’s: Mustache straws, striped straws, pinwheels, and a tiny elephant. Also we had grownup punch with Prosecco to celebrate the baby. The baby didn’t mind.

I think it was a success! We took pictures in front of a little backdrop I made, MacKenzie and Andrew opened presents, and there was general merriment had by all.


General merriment pictured here


Photo fun!


And finally, me and the guest of honor. I promise you, the lady in the pirate hat is actually the one pregnant, you just can’t tell looking straight on.

It was a great day and I’m so glad I got to experience it with MacKenzie and Andrew! If you want to read some of MacKenzie’s thoughts on becoming a mother, she blogs at http://mlw-write.tumblr.com/


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